About Us

About Us

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We make sustainability transparent, helping businesses create climate positive impacts.


How do we make it possible?


Install, connect or donate

We have plugins for most known platforms, api connection and the possibility to donate 'xy' amount of trees to be planted locally.

We do the hard work

We take care of planting the trees, keep you updated about the process and location of where they are planted and make sure they grow up big & strong.

Woop, now you are forest-positive

And you also reduce your carbon footprint whilst getting a 'forest-positive' certificate and badge. We have many marketing materials available for our partners.

Our Mission

Neutralizing the climate footstep of each individual and the society as a whole.

Makeitneutral is a cleantech startup created to help companies become carbon-neutral by developing and building a digital toolkit so that everyone, everywhere, can integrate climate positive action into everyday life faster and more effortlessly. Helping businesses be forest-positive by giving their consumers the opportunity to make their order or service more carbon-neutral while supporting local forestation and trees are just the beginning.

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