For businesses

We, at makeitneutral, are all for cooperation, teamwork and collaborations with other businesses, who have the same goals and views as us!

Even though our plugin is made primarily for internet shops, we are very flexible.

We want to help and work out the best solutions for ANY business that wants to:

  • be forest-positive,
  • be carbon neutral,
  • help local forests,
  • provide for our planet.

Tree planting incentive can be incorporated to any business model.

For example:

  • Planting a tree for every order made (either online or offline purchase),
  • planting a tree for every service provided (hourly, daily, or monthly – depending on the service),
  • donating a specific percentage towards reforestation,
  • or even use tree planting in various fun ways in marketing campaigns.

So it doesn’t matter what your business deals with.

Together, we can find the best possible way that you can give your customers the chance to make a difference.

As you know, consumers are ever more calling on brands and businesses to commit to climate-positive targets. The makeitneutral badge and certificate will show everybody that your business is forest-positive and is making steps towards becoming carbon neutral.

makeitneutral badge and certificate will help your organisation, brand, products, services or event(s) obtain forest-positivity.

Check out our case studies with other companies for some inspiration, or contact us right now to get started on this wonderful journey towards being forest-positive!