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Free e-commerce plugin for your online store

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Instantly increase sales up to 15% with forest-positivity checkbox. 28% of shoppers choose to make their orders carbon neutral 

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Why over 100 stores use our climate tools

Value boost for your brand

As time goes by, more and more people are looking for brands that help them live sustainably. Customers want to support brands taking positive climate action

Increase cart conversion

Customers who see an option to help the planet are more likely to finish their checkout.

Constant support

We will provide you with support in marketing, visuals and anything else you need.



of customers look for brands that take positive climate action


of customers look for brands that take positive climate action


average conversion boost by cooperating with makeitneutral

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How much does it cost?

It is totally free. There is no additional monthly service or subscription fee. The forest-positivity that were donated on a previous month by your clients. You will be billed once a month.

You can choose:


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Frequently asked questions

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What is forest-positivity?

In short, it means you or your business is providing our planet more trees, than it uses. trees are used in a variety of ways: paper, furniture, buildings, medicine, fuel, packaging, shipping crates, pallets.

What else do i get?
  • the warm and fuzzy feeling that you are making a major contribution to a green and healthy world.
  • the opportunity to plant trees in your home country.
  • the good feeling that you gave the birds and animals a home, and the security that it’s there for another 50 to 100 years.
  • makeitneutral sign, visual materials and project knowledge for the usage of your own communication and marketing purposes.
  • a sustainable company – when attracting investments or quotation on a stock exchange, you are a valued company for many investors.
Who will plant the trees?

we will do all the hard work for you:

  • we plant the trees;
  • we keep you informed about the process and location of their planting;
  • we make sure the trees grow big and strong

all trees planted by makeitneutral are certified and can be used to regenerate the local forest. planting occurs 1-2 times per year, depending on the weather.