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    It is totally free. There is no additional monthly service or subscription fee. For the forest-positivity donated in the previous month by your clients we will send you a monthly invoice. 

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    Frequently asked questions

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    What is forest-positivity?

    In short, it means you or your business is providing our planet more trees, than it uses. Trees are used in a variety of ways: paper, furniture, buildings, medicine, fuel, packaging, shipping crates, pallets.

    Why do we need to plant trees?

    During 1990-2015, 129 million hectares of forest were cut down worldwide. It’s about as big of an area as South Africa. When we cut down forests, we don’t just lose trees. We lose oxygen, whole ecosystems collapse, thousands of species lose their natural habitats. All of that has a great consequence to us all. The world’s best scientists predict that if deforestation goes on at the same pace, the Earth’s temperature will rise 3-4 degrees by the year 2100 or even more.

    In addition to emissions reducing power, we need to plant more trees because trees help regulate the Earth’s temperature, absorb CO2, and supply the planet with oxygen.

    Who will plant the trees?

    We will do all the hard work for you:

    • we plant the trees;
    • we keep you informed about the process and location of their planting;
    • we make sure the trees grow big and strong

    All trees planted by Makeitneutral are certified and can be used to regenerate the local forest. Planting occurs 1-2 times per year, depending on the weather.

    How do trees help save the planet?

    Today, 0,9 billion hectares of forest area (which is about the size of the U.S.A) can be increased without affecting cities or agriculture. Reforestation would help sequester 205 billion tons of carbon. It would capture about 30% of man-made CO2 emissions.

    What does it mean when you say that a tree is in a blockchain?

    The tree is digitized and stored in a blockchain which means it gets a digital “trace”. It is saved into an online transaction book that can be accessed at any time that shows when and where the tree was planted. Based on that information, it’s possible to go and check whether the tree is actually there or not.

    Are forests being planted only in Estonia?

    The forests will be planted in the country where the customer is located. The trees go to our existing Makeitneutral Forestry lands, we like to call them Makeitneutral protected areas, where the forest is maintained for 80 years. Our goal is not to produce logs. We plant forest communities, not commercial forests and at one point, when maintenance felling really has to be done in the forest, the wood is valued to provide maximum benefit to nature.

    It is very important that animals, birds, and insects would come to live in the forest and that we wouldn’t destroy it – so that a biocoenosis would occur. The first plantation will happen in the April of 2022 and at the moment, all the trees will be planted in Estonia. Our partner in this field is Forestplanter, the largest grower and planter in the Baltics, and two other companies. 4.7 million trees have been reserved for Makeitneutral this spring. In cooperation with them, we’re also made a subsidiary to ensure confidence in the company’s processes.

    Who makes the carbon neutrality calculations for e-shops?

    We won’t sell 100% carbon neutrality for e-shops, it is an incorrect term. It is very hard to achieve full carbon neutrality. We’ll give an example. We can’t make ourselves carbon-neutral because we produce CO2 when breathing and we can’t stop breathing. However, we can compensate for our actions and achieve climate neutrality and forest positivity through that. We sell forest positivity for e-shops. The first step for e-shops when joining us is to give their clients a chance to make their orders forest-positive. That means that by consuming, clients can also actually give back. That assures our cooperation with you and we’ll begin to implement a sustainability program. For the carbon neutrality calculations, we have educated environmental technologists in our team. That means we can take on big projects as well.

    What else do I get?
    • the warm and fuzzy feeling that you are making a significant contribution to a green and healthy world.
    • the opportunity to plant trees in your home country.
    • the good feeling that you gave birds and animals a home, and the security that it’s there for another 50 to 100 years.
    • Makeitneutral badge, visual materials and project knowledge for the usage of your own communication and marketing purposes.
    • a sustainable company – when attracting investments or quotation on a stock exchange, you are a valued company for many investors.