Our partners

These businesses are our partners who have supported reforestation and care about carbon emissions created by their customers.

Purchasing services or products from our partners is an easy way to ensure that:

  • the product or service will be exchanged with no negative impact,
  • a tree will be planted in the local area,
  • the carbon emissions from the transaction will be offset.

Do you own a business and are looking to do all that?

Don’t hesitate and contact us right now! We are flexible and we surely will find a way for your business to be forest-positive and achieve your goals.

We want to help you and every other business who is looking to make a difference. By cooperating, we will document your efforts and let everybody know how you are reaching the goals of becoming forest-positive.

By sharing the success stories with the world, hopefully even more businesses will think of making it neutral and consumers will have a wide selection of places to choose from, to also do that!

These awesome companies have taken the step and are giving back to the world, and giving their customers a chance to make a difference: