Create climate positivity

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Create climate positivity

Build stronger relationship with nature. Join us and be
known as an entity that is serious about sustainability and
our planet’s future. 

Join our work to halt climate change

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A very real scenario

Referring to the book [The future we choose], let's take a jump into the year 2050. Beyond the emissions reductions registered in 2021, no further big efforts were made to control emissions. We are heading for a world that will be more than 3 degrees warmer by 2100.

The first thing that hits you is the air. In many places around the world, the air is hot, heavy, and depending on the day, clogged with particulate pollution. Your eyes often water. Your cough never seems to disappear. You can no longer simply walk out your front door and breathe fresh air. Instead, before opening the doors or windows in the morning, you check your phone to see what the air quality levels will be. Everything might look fine—sunny and clear—but you know better. When storms and heat waves overlap and cluster, the air pollution and intensified surface ozone levels can make it dangerous to go outside without a specially designed face mask (which only some can afford).

Sounds scary? Well, this is the situation we will be living in if we don’t act now! Now let’s turn our attention back to the world today - a world of technology.


Help save the planet

Teamwork is essential - We must work together.


Let's analyze and create plan

You will also get access to sustainability toolkit

Seamlessly reduce footprint

Carbon reduction checklist. It really is that simple

Compensate with us

We can't stop breathing, but we can become climate-positive by offseting our footprint

Simple, but powerful climate action

Hardest parts are done by us. With us you can be sure that your actions matter

For businesses

Sustainability & carbon neutrality

We are developing and building the digital toolkit that businesses can use. We help your business be forest-positive, net-zero or climate positive by giving your consumers the opportunity that their order or service creates positive climate impact.

for individuals

Measure, reduce & compensate

With our services you can seamlessly be climate ambassador. With sustainability toolkit you learn how to reduce and offset your footprint so you can become climate positive individual.


Sustainability toolkit


API-s, website plugins, browser extension we got you covered


Interact with others. You will find new people and businesses with same goal


Blockchain CO2 certificate and automated carbon neutrality reports

Want to know more?

Did you know that to make your whole year climate positive it needs only 20 trees

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