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In a market full of offset choices, it’s easy to get lost in the excess of information. Makeitneutral stands out because we don’t simply sell offsets from dubious sources. Instead we make our own. Our trees are planted in a way that maximizes the carbon accumulation and gives the best place for wildlife to flourish.

Forest-positivity is a footprint-reducing action, that has a positive effect on our climate. Forest-positivty is the first step towards achieving carbon neutrality.

As of April 2022, no trees have been planted yet. But this is solely because of Estonia’s climate provides only two optimal planting periods a year. The first of these is going to be in May 2022, when makeitneutral is about to plant around 50 000 trees.

Between 1990 and 2015, about 129 millions of hectares of forest was logged. This is about the size of South-Africa. Deforestation is not about losing trees. It’s about losing oxygen, deteriorating ecosystems and robbing thousands of species of their natural habitats. It’s not a process without consequences. Leading scientists of the world are estimating a 3-4 degree rise in global temperatures by 2100. In addition to reducing emissions, we must plant new trees to increase earth’s capacity to regulate global temperature, bind more CO2 and supply the world with more oxygen.

Today, there is about 0.9 billion hectares of land ready for afforestation (size about as big as the USA). This is without reducing the area of cities or hindering agriculture. Afforestation and reforestation would help bind about 205 billion tonnes of carbon, which is about 30% of all man-made emissions.

Everything can happen, but we have done everything possible to ensure the welfare of our forests. For example, the forests are owned by a separate legal body which cannot be financially unsustainable. For landowners, we have created a contract to limit the possible actions taken against our planted forests.

The badge and certificate will inform your customers that your company is forest-positive and purchasing from your shop will help local forests. It is a guarantee that using your services or products have no negative impact on the planet.

by displaying the badge and certificate, people will know that you are making a big contribution toward a green and healthy world and providing all sorts of birds and animals a safe home that will be there for another 30-40 years.

The species of the trees depends very much on the location they will be planted in. For the best possible CO2 binding capabilities, the forests must have a variety of species, instead of just one. Seeing as our goal is added ecological value, instead of economic profit, we are hell-bent on making sure our sanctuaries are the place-to-be for wildlife.

With every tree planting action, makeitneutral digitizes it’s location and status with a blockchain-based token. The patrons can then keep their eyes on the trees they have purchased, and if should they so wish, travel to the location provided to see the trees in person.

That a tree will be digitalized and saved on the blockchain is best explained by saying, that along with a planting operation, a digital print has been made. That print will be stored online, to a freely accessible ledger, that does not allow later editing. This means, that the ledger will show, when and where a tree has been planted (along with an image). Based on this information, one can always go and visit the tree to ensure it being real.

Trees are planted in the country of the client. We intend to plant the trees on lands owned by makeitneutral forestry, that we call “makeitneutral sanctuaries”. In the sanctuaries, we maintain and care for the forest for 80 years. We do not aim to grow forests for economic gain, but to increase biodiversity and create new habitats for birds and animals. Our first planting project will take place in May 2022 and as of right now, all trees will be planted in Estonia. We have a trustworthy partner in Forestplanter, the biggest tree nursery in the Baltic region.

Most of the planting will be done by professionals, hired by our partners. However, we will be giving volunteers the chance to chime in and help.

We do not see our actions being of much help to the world if we were ran as a charity. We intend to serve nature, but through a complicated business plan to also fulfill the needs of different parties involved. Your contribution is most important to help us save ecosystems around the world and create additional value.

We are cooperating with different scientists and specialists to widen our approach from forests to algae and possibly farmlands. We will use the best practical approaches to achieve a diverse ecosystem.

We aim to avoid greenwashing and we do not wish to sell existing offsets. Our goal is to create additionality through afforestation. This does mean, that we sell the offsets in advance, but the trees planted in the ground for your emissions will continue to do their thing for the next 70-80 years. Every tree we plant will be tokenized and will get a traceable “fingerprint” in our blockchain ledger. This means all the information will be freely accessible for everyone. The aim of our tree-planting is not simply binding CO2, but to increase biodiversity and help ecosystems flourish.

Yes, of course. We have planned a potential cooperation with private land owners from the beginning. For this though, the land owner will have to sign a rental contract with Makeitneutral, which will help us ensure the wellness of our forests. We are working on solutions for landowners to make money on saving their forests, instead of cutting them down.

We are in progress of aquiring a green certificate from Bureau Veritas and a carbon certificate from VERRA. At the moment, the certificate (which is saved in blockchain) provides the client with authentic information of our cooperation having commenced. This gives the client the rights to use certain branding and badges, but also compels them to participate in our sustainability program.

Currently, the progress of receiving different certifications is ongoing. After planting the first trees in spring 2022, we also plan on getting an external audit. We also already are members of the Rohetiiger (Green tiger) organization. Rohetiiger is a multidisciplinary cooperation platform whose purpose is to create a balanced economic model for Estonia and the world. We are also holding consultations with Verra and we intend to have our projects Verra Carbon Certified.