Medifum is one of the e-shops that has partnered up with Makeitneutral, an Estonian cleantech start-up, to cut CO2 emissions and provide customers the option to give back to nature.

At the end of October, Medifum had a reason to celebrate: thanks to their good-hearted customers, Estonian forests will be 13,341 trees richer just after one month of work.

One purchase equals one tree

Makeitneutral has made it their mission to provide all companies an option to make their orders and services carbon-neutral and forest-positive. A part of the cooperation means companies giving their customers an option to plant one tree for each purchase or order.

One of the longer-term goals of Makeitneutral is to plant a billion trees on the planet. It is no less important for them to protect existing forests, which are home to millions of birds and animals. Forests are the lungs of our planet and not even humans can survive without them.

That is why it is so critical to manage natural resources as economically as possible.

Make a thoughtful choice

Medifum e-shop sells CO2-neutral personal protective equipment, including masks, rubber gloves, COVID-19 rapid tests, and much more.

For some products, tree planting is included by default, while for others, the customer can choose whether or not to include it in their order. In the first case, there is no need to pay anything extra and the tree is delivered to the forest after the order is made. In the second case, the client contributes a little extra.

All the trees are planted in the spring, every one of them gets a unique mark and is also transferred into the forest digitization platform. After planting, the tree subscribers will receive a confirmation along with the coordinates.

Consumption does not have to destroy the environment

As the situation with COVID-19 is still precarious, we need to consider a new type of waste: large quantities of disposable masks and other personal protective equipment that are being dumped every day.

If we wish to protect ourselves and others from the virus without affecting nature, we should consider purchasing from an e-shop that offers more environmentally friendly alternatives.

But Makeitneutral and Medifum’s partnership goes beyond the previous joint efforts.

The cleantech start-up is gradually helping the entire company to become more sustainable, starting with packaging and delivery and working their way up to even making the footprint of their rental premises negative.

Medifum is an excellent example for other businesses to follow

Their office and warehouse are fully powered by green energy, and only climate-friendly packaging is planned for the future. The company’s larger goal is to make other products and product categories more sustainable over time.

Medifum also monitors its digital footprint: for example, every newsletter sent out is offset by planting trees.

The outcome of the collaboration, as well as the enthusiasm of customers in ecologically friendly consumption, is incredible. For the October partnership, 13,341 new trees will be planted in Estonian forests with the help of Medifum’s customers and Makeitneutral.

So far, 19,258 trees have been gathered and waiting to be planted. The number is expected to grow even more during November.

Makeitneutral currently has 2 million plants in reserve, which will be planted in the spring. Want to contribute? Please let us know!