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11.09.2021 2022-03-31 15:32

terms and conditions for the “forest positive” label and makeitneutral plug-in / api

makeitneutral oü (approved on 31.05.2021)

  1. procedure for using the label

1.1. the label is issued to one legal entity at a time.

1.2. the label can be used by an online store or a company that has a makeitneutral plug-in, a connected api or has contributed to the planting of trees through makeitneutral.

1.3. the label of trust on the website must be clickable and hyperlink to the website.

1.4. the label can be applied for an indefinite period, there is no licence fee, but it is only permitted to use it on condition that the plug-in is publicly available or a contribution is made to tree planting once a calendar year, depending on the size of the company.

1.5. the label may also be used in physical form on the company’s advertising materials, property and agencies.

2. requirements for label applicants

2.1. a company can apply for the label if it has been active on the market for at least 1 year under the same legal name. in addition, the online shop must have existed for at least 3 months.

2.2. the applicant confirms that they accept the criteria set out in this document.

2.3. the online shop must display the label if the makeitneutral plug-in or api interface is used.

2.4. the information and conditions of sale for the additional service of makeitneutral must be displayed in the terms and conditions of use in the online shop in such a way that the consumer can read them before making a purchase.

2.5. the terms and conditions of sale must describe the payment and the order processing procedures and the time of provision of the service or other performance (time of payment of the invoice, time of performance of the service).

2.6. in the event of using the right of withdrawal, the consumer must be reimbursed for the returned order within 14 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal or, in its absence, of receipt of the returned order by the trader. in this case, makeitneutral will also cancel its service and will not invoice the trader for the planting of the tree.

2.7. the company must have submitted its annual financial reports and tax returns on time and must have no tax arrears.

2.8. the company must not be in debt to makeitneutral oü.

3. removal of the label from the company

3.1. if a business is found to be in breach of the requirements set out in clause 2 and, based on the injunctions sent by makeitneutral, the business fails to implement changes to the terms and conditions of sale or other requirements from the date of receipt of the injunctions, the label will be removed from the company. upon continued use of the label, makeitneutral has the right to demand a fine of 100 euros for each day of illegal use of the label.

3.2. when the company goes out of business.

3.3. the label must be removed from the company’s online shop and all related information materials within 3 working days of the receipt of the management board’s written decision.

3.4. if the company fails to remove the label within the deadline, makeitneutral has the right to issue a press release about the unauthorised use of the label.

4. rights and obligations of the label holder

4.1. after receiving the label, the company has the right to use the label in all aspects of its business, including in advertising and promotional materials related to ecommerce.

4.2. the holder of the label undertakes to renew the label in due time or to remove it after its expiry date.

4.3. the recipient of the label undertakes to inform makeitneutral about any changes in the contact details of the company and about problems that may damage the reputation of the label.

4.4. the recipient of the label undertakes to comply with the requirements set out in clause 2 and the obligations set out in clause 4 during the period of use of the label.

the recipient of the label is obliged to pay the invoices submitted by makeitneutral by the due date. the price of the service is 1 eur per tree, plus vat.

4.6. the user of the label confirms that they accept this agreement and its terms and conditions by using the makeitneutral label, plug-in, api identifier or other parts of the service.

5. makeitneutral’s rights and obligations

5.1. makeitneutral reserves the right to make amendments to the procedures and conditions for the issuance of the label.

5.2. makeitneutral has the right to monitor the legality of the use of the label.

5.3. makeitneutral has the right to issue injunctions in the event of non-compliance with the requirements of the label and to demand compliance within two weeks of receipt of the injunctions.

5.4. makeitneutral has the right to terminate the right to use the label if the requirements are not complied with within a specified period.

5.5. makeitneutral has the right to issue a press release if the company’s actions have knowingly damaged the reputation of the label or if the company fails to remove the label within a specified time limit following the receipt of the decision to that effect.

5.6. makeitneutral undertakes to advise the recipient of the label on ecommerce issues related to the use of the label during the entire period of its application.

5.7. makeitneutral undertakes to inform the users of the label of any amendments to this document within 30 days before the date of entry into force of the amendment.

5.8. makeitneutral undertakes to send invoices on time and to keep records of tree planting services sold by the traders.

if you have any questions, please contact or call +372 5306 2253.